As we have reached the official end of our project, we would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to a number of people without whose assistance we could not have completed this project in such a successful way.

Filmarchiv Austria:
Armin Loacker
Kristina Höch
Anna Dobringer

Österreichisches Filmmuseum:
Paolo Caneppele

University of Salzburg:
Nils Grosch
Franziska Kollinger-Trucks
Aniela Buzatu
Maria Opriessnig
Gerhard Thalhammer
Maria Luise Radauer

Kiel Society for Film Music Research:
Willem Strank
Tarek Krohn

Musical Moments Conference in Salzburg in March 2018:
Amy Herzog
Phil Powrie
Rajinder Dudrah
Claudia Gorbman
Richard Dyer
Conference Participants
Student Staff at the Department of Musicology and Dance Studies

Our panel at SCMS 2017 in Chicago:
Jim Buhler
Martin M. Marks
Julie Hubbert

Jürg Stenzl
Gillian B. Anderson
Eric Dienstfrey
Maria Fuchs
Maurizio Corbella
Andrea Khol

IMG_1218 (1).jpgAgain, we’d like to thank our colleagues, the staff at various institutions and our friends and family for their ongoing support and wish everybody a very happy holiday season!